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The law practice of Slutzky, Wolfe and Bailey provides a wide variety of services to a diverse group of clients—individuals, public and private corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, and commercial lenders are among our clients—with careful attention to each one.

In delivering over 40 years of expertise, we maintain a small firm approach. Each of the transactions, for example, is handled from start to finish by the attorney hired.

That approach extends to each of our firm’s specialized practice areas:


Business, Corporate & Partnership Law

Our commercial clients benefit from the comprehensive expertise we offer—from the selection and formation of the business structure to all contract and other transactional work necessary to complete a venture within the optimum legal framework. We assist individual business owners, partnerships and corporations in making good legal decisions.


Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate clients rely upon our knowledge and experience regarding acquisition, development, financing, leasing and sales of commercial properties. Equally valuable is our ability to assist in providing due diligence services required by such transactions. Our clients frequently are among the following:

  • Public Restaurant Companies and Franchisees
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Mortgage Investors
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies


Title Insurance

With extensive knowledge of title insurance law and title insurance underwriting, we serve as title insurance experts—from the analysis of title documents to the issuance of title insurance policies— for all types of real estate transactions nationwide. SWB also acts as expert witness in title insurance and real estate malpractice claims and litigation.


Estate Planning

Our estate planning practice offers our clients a skilled and creative approach to wealth transfer through the use of wills, trusts and charitable foundations.

In all areas of our practice, we are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt and effective representation at reasonable fees.

Our clients appreciate the superior level of service we provide at such a tremendous value. Serving you directly without the varying organizational levels—from figureheads at the top to worker bees at the bottom—found in many larger firms, your SWB attorney will personally accomplish the job and maintain a sincere interest in your success.


Counsel for Lenders and Investors

SWB represents lenders and borrowers in mortgage transactions, and loan and mortgage restructuring/workouts. Our experience includes representation of several major financial institutions as local counsel in commercial lending and workout matters. Approved SBA 504 closing attorneys.


Loan Enforcement, Workouts and Restructuring

SWB attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of loan enforcement including non-judicial foreclosures. Our extensive experience includes alternatives to foreclosure, such as workouts, restructuring and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure arrangements.


We invite you to contact us for more information.

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