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Business, Corporate & Partnership Law

We have amassed a wealth of experience through our extensive involvement with small and medium-sized businesses over the years. Today, we not only address the requirements our clients bring to us, but we also attempt to anticipate their special needs and concerns of our clients.

Our expertise will assist you in managing many aspects of your business—from representation that covers daily operations to specialized services to address unique situations and challenges. Clients regularly call upon us for assistance for the following:

  • representing clients in the sale or acquisition of a business
  • representing businesses and lenders in financing plants, buildings and equipment
  • representing businesses and lenders in financing accounts receivables and lines of credit
  • representing business sellers and purchases of an entity, equipment or receivables
  • creating commercial business contracts
  • preparing stockholder documents—including stock retirement and buy-sell agreements
  • facilitating the formation of corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and generating all related documentation
  • representing clients in the preparation and negotiation of management agreements

If you’re ready to work with an attorney who will personally accomplish the
job and maintain a sincere interest in you, please contact us today.

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